Friend to a stranger

You’ve helped me out in so many ways that I can’t ever find a way to thank you enough.

From all the advise and wisdom you’ve given me over the past year and all the time you’ve spent with me to listen to my problems, rants, and just talk and talk for hours about nothing.  I will never forget the time you spent into a someone that no one wanted to even spend time with. I will never forget all the effort you put into me and stopped me from ending my life.

I will never forget the gift you gave to me. The life I live.

I’m sure that my wife would thank you as well.

* Emerson Hart – Fiend to a stranger

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2 Responses to Friend to a stranger

  1. Miticul says:

    So…. you have a wife… ;))

  2. dayda says:

    Do I? Ohhh, sure I have… the crayziest woman ’till now 😀

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