Lublin – Poland

Postcrossing is a great place to exchange postcards with people all over the world.

Besides the random address that you get when you’d like to send a postcard to someone, you can also make a direct swap or trade of postcards. For example, if you collect them like I do and you don’t have one from a certain place like The Tinian Island, you can make a request  if you find someone living there. And you have to send one from your country too.

So, I made a trade with Agata from Poland and today I received my card from the beautiful Lublin. You can find more lovely postcard views on her blog.

” Lublin is the largest city east of the Wista river. By some tourists it is called “little Cracow” because it has historic arhitecture and a unique ambiance. Lublin is also called “the capital of festivals”. On the postcard you can see a view of the Old City with metropolitan cathedral and Trinitarian Tower from Thursday Hill. ”

My little card is a bit curved thanks to the greatest postal service ever that we have here. But I love it anyway, it makes me dream and feel the Old City.

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6 Responses to Lublin – Poland

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  2. Don Morrison says:


    I would love to exchange postcards with you! I just need a postal address.

    My address is:

    One Million Postcards
    6206 Wade Road #230
    Baytown, TX
    77521-8868 USA

    My Blog URL: says it all about my quest.

    May God bless you and all your endeavors,
    Don Morrison-

  3. lidiako says:

    Lublin! I spent there 6 long years of my live and I miss it.

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