Late Easter bunny

With all the heavy rain and my failed shopping attempt I was extremely happy today.

I finally got my fancy bookmark from Afterforever and it’s actually much more beautiful than showed in the pic.

It has a vintage look and reminds me of a fin de siecle private library with gentlemen enjoying their newspapers while drinking coffee and ladies discussing and having a cup of tea. Ah …

And the make-up goodies from Biba arrived too. Everything was extremely well wrapped and it took me a while to discover the content of each little package.

I don’t even know what to say about what I got from her; it was and it still is way beyond my expectations. I think fabulous might be the right word.

Besides the things that I told her I would like (neutrals and nudes), she took me out of my box with some amazing nail-polishes in “bold” colors.

From left to right I got:

* Red Cherry from Milani (now I understand why Biba loves that shade and I’m going to try it tomorrow),

* S-he stylezone in 430 quick dry and 204 aqua shine,

* Essence multi-dimension,

* a mini Essie Lilacism from the Art of Spring collection and ….

* la piece de resistance a mini OPI “Off with her red!” from the Alice in Wonderland collection.

* and then I got a Cute as Hell lipgloss from Essence which is hell-isimo and tasty and

* my first mineral eyeshodows: from Sweetscents a Blackstar Red and a Moonstone Purple (amazing color) and a little one in Vanilla from Pure Luxe.

Oh and she also sent me a sample of Givenchy Ange ou Demon eau de parfum along with … nothing less and nothing more than a postcard from Slovenia which I’ll be posting tomorrow in all of its beauty since now I don’t have natural light to photograph it properly.

Thank you very much Biba for the gift; I’m very grateful for all these little beauties.

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1 Response to Late Easter bunny

  1. MD says:

    OMG! OMG! Ce semn de carte fruumooooosss! I envy you. :-p

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