Reinventing myself

A few days ago I was saying that I finally got the Screamworks album. Actually, I won it on a contest back in March and I’ve been waiting to receive it since then. It took awhile but I’m delighted since it mixes HIM’s best aspects from over the years into a single piece.

I must admit I love better Razorblade Romance and Deep Shadow and Brilliant Highlights but I think that’s because those were the first albums I came across and usually what you like in the beginning it stays stuck to your heart and mind forever and becomes for you the label of that artist.

Every album is great in its own way. It takes a very wise and great band to reinvent themselves on each album and HIM is great at doing it.

I’m not going to do a review of the new songs, neither am I going to talk about the backgrounds and influences that made Screamworks a Love in Theory and Practice play. You can check out some interviews right from the source if you are interested.

I’m just going to say which are my top tracks and why. And I’m not going to do any ranking ‘cause I love them equally.

Disarm me with your loneliness – is very melodic and emotional like the band’s songs back in the ‘90s. It gives me the feeling of despair and hope at the same time; it’s like giving up on oneself in the face of world’s beauty. And tragedy.

Love, the hardest way – has great lyrics and “Baudelaire in Braille” I think it’s a masterpiece. Maybe I am too fond of the French language but I don’t think anyone can deny the verse’s rhythm; it sounds so good that is no wonder the acoustic version of the album has the same name. If I have to describe what I’m feeling and thinking when listening to this track, oh well … my mind is a tricky one and takes me back to Anne Rice’s vampire stories “dine on glass, wine on blood”. Just wonderful!

Shatter me with hope – that’s me. The song suits so well to my heart that I can even find myself as being the “girl who cry at love” …” won’t you come and play with me”. Being a pessimist under the skin of a realist, some hope will be like a blessing.

And of course all the other chapters are beautiful in their own way that I have to mention Acoustic Funeral and The foreboding sense of impeding happiness.

I’m already waiting for the next volume.

Please listen and tell me which song resembles you and why is that.

We all are a symphony of the stars and music therapy it’s just about rediscovering ourselves.

And that’s why after 2 and 1/2 years I decided to change my “La Parfumerie d’Ayda” theme in “Pulbere de stele ” (Stardust)

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