My bucket list

I don’t make lists with things to do and I usually do things on the last minute because I can’t stick to the plan. If you want to annoy me, give me headaches or even kill me then you have to organize my universe.

This  “things to do before I die”  is my first list ever just because some friend asked me what I’d like to do with and in my life. So, I start to wonder and came up with this bucket list.

I’ll add more as I’ll discover what I’d like.

Here I go:

  1. get a heartagram tattoo on my lower back or shoulder
  2. go visit Finland (mostly Helsinki and Rovaniemi where Santa is supposed to live)
  3. see the northern lights
  4. have white nights in Saint Petersburg
  5. learn to play an instrument (guitar, piano, violin)
  6. take a bath into the ocean (no matter which one)
  7. meet the Dalai Lama
  8. visit Tibet
  9. go on a meditation retreat
  10. have a book published
  11. get a PhD
  12. be a mentor to someone
  13. land on the moon
  14. go on a cruise on the sea
  15. save a life
  16. start my own business
  17. go to a HIM concert
  18. learn at least other 2 foreign languages
  19. find a way to repay my family for all they have done for me
  20. touch a dolphin
  21. learn to properly swim
  22. name a star
  23. invent an awesome recipe for hot chocolate
  24. make a family tree and find out about my origins

If anyone would like to share, I’d be delighted to read his/her list.

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