Malaysia – Ubudiah Mosque

Vlad said that one thing I can’t probably give up to is trading postcards. And he was right alright.  Every single week I have to send at least 2 cards and receive others back. It’s so much fun that has became a little addictive.

So last week, besides the usual postcrossing project, I traded 3 cards.

First one to arrive is this beautiful Mosque of Ubudiah in Kuala Kangsar, Perak, Malaysia courtesy of Shurbani Abdul Talib and his daughter Alia. I just wanted a postcard with a mosque from all those available cards he had because these were looking fantastic. He picked the one above for me as it is the most requested in his tradings.

And now I can see why everyone loves it. The colors, the architecture and the whole setting makes me think this is surreal, I can not imagine such a great place for regaining peace and serenity.

Many thanks for such a collection piece.

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2 Responses to Malaysia – Ubudiah Mosque

  1. SHURBANI says:

    Hello and salam to you Diana.
    It’s great my postcard appears on your blog.
    I look forward to receiving yours, probably it’ll reach me in few days. If you want more beautiful postcard, feel free to ask. I am running out of good beautiful postcards these days as I have no time to look for them. Have to rush home from work these days to catch World Cup telecast, the earliest at 7.30 pm in Malaysia 🙂

    • Diana says:

      My dad tries to watch the World Cup also. However, he always misses the first games of the day because over here it’s 2:30 pm or 5 pm and he’s at work. He catches up with the evening games :)and sometimes I do too.

      I hope my card will get to you soon. I’m keeping my eyes on your blog 😀

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