Where have I been lately

Thank you for being Sunday, for raining and finally having some time to bring this Stardust back to Earth. My new and first job ever (if being a student is not a real job) is taking over my life and I don’t like it at all (this fact, not the job).

My whole day to day schedule is different from the one I had for the past 23 years of my life and I’m trying my best to adjust and keep the same priorities as always;

This means I’m reading my books and listen to music on the bus to and from work and sometimes in the evening, I’m writings my cards only on Sundays and exceptionally during the week if I have private swaps, I watch my tv series only after I have a bunch of  episodes so I can have them one after another and all this because my spare time left is used for nothing more beautiful and true than Sleep. Yes, sleeping is a blessing.

The only thing I miss is creating jewelry and collages. I have no inspiration lately for none of this. Ahhhh….

Now, moving to the important things, here’s some cards I received lately but didn’t got the chance to post ’cause my camera broke down and I needed to buy another one. Enjoy the ones above.

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