The maiden and the whirlwind – I

Bent over the river’s creek, long bright hair with highlights of green like the oak leaves touching the freezing water, she watches her reflection while cutting short fringes with a silver blade.

“Did anyone ever notice that I’m not getting older? If they all think I’m a young strange bourgeoise with overwhelming desires like walking barefoot in winter, not combing my hair and wearing stardust  then so be it. I have never imagined such a life for myself. I mean, life has an ending, mine doesn’t. So what am I ?”

And the last piece of cut fringes is carried away by the cold river.

She never felt so alone and sick in all her immortality. Endless youth and magic become a burden over the ages.

Thinking about all the men in her life, all the mortals that come and go like seasons, it’s hard to see beauty, joy and love in witnessing nature’s vanity. There are no witches, warlocks nor magicians left on these lands to give her the gift of ordinary life; only humans stayed.

“How come they all disappeared one morning without any notice? Why did they left me? Did they have a choice?“

And while she’s caught up in her thoughts, the wolves are sniffing the snow and taking her trace while passing through the gates. She left them opened. What’s the point in closing something if there’s no one to open them?

She rises up her head, puts the silver blade to her waist belt and inhales the cold air. It gives her shivers and makes her think of stormy weather and wings touching the sky while exhaling.

“Something is about to happen. Maybe what I’ve waited so long for.”

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2 Responses to The maiden and the whirlwind – I

  1. Viforu' says:

    I knew you were on the web somewhere…..i like this!It`s extraordinary impressive, and you even have 3 doors down in the playlist.

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