The maiden and the whirlwind – IV

She struggled with her fears, she laughed, she cried, she danced all day to feel alive for only one more time before the night came.

And in the veil of the moonlight she wears her bright star at the wrist; she holds her head up high and smiles looking at her reflection mirrored in the silver blade.

“I fight for first and last time in this life. I know what I want and I am going to get it at all costs. If they will sense my wish for death they will not kill me and this… this is unimaginable.”

She steps in front of the stone angel with the open arms and gazing at the stars she waits.

Full with rage and hungry for her powers, they also wait.

“They have come a long way to find me and now when they can take me down, they hesitate?”

Enemies of hers, the wolves are caging her in slowly.

And paw by paw and claw by claw they fill the night with howls.

One move, one jump, one bite and blood starts coloring the snow. Warm scents choke up the air.

Bleeding from the shadows, he looks amazed and hits with anger the wolf who bit his arm.

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