What if I’ll call you?

People are still with me and within me even if I don’t see or speak to them. Out of sight is not out of mind, being apart doesn’t mean forgetting and certainly going separate ways is not like having nothing in common anymore.

Most of the time I think about people I know. I imagine their lives, what they are doing at a certain moment, if they are happy, sad, having a good time or maybe thinking back at me.

How cool it would be one day to think about someone, speak with him/her in your mind and then suddenly get a reply back?!

We have so many ways to get in touch but we lack in human contact.

We always sit comfortable near the phone and we wait and wonder why the other is not calling us.

Guess what?  He/she is doing the same.

So …what if you would just follow your heart and press the call button right now?

What will you think about if someone you haven’t spoken in months or years just calls you today to say hi?

What if I’ll call you all of a sudden?

*HIM – Killing loneliness

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