Eat pray love

Everybody talked so much about this book and also about the movie that stands from its pages that I think everything has been said before.

I didn’t hate Eat, Pray, Love but it left me really unsatisfied.  Chick lit is definitely not my thing. It was something like Sex and the City only with Italy, India and Indonesia substituted to New York and with sex substituted with spirituality, which is nice but not too nice.

The core story for me was that only you can bring yourself from an awful state to a better place, sometimes only you can help yourself just like her favorite Italian word “attraversiamo” says.

While reading I felt like being at a cocktail party and listening to someone telling a long involved story about themselves and alternately, annoyed and fascinated, saying to myself I’ll be leaving in the next 5 minutes – and so ending up sticking through the whole thing.

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