Armand the vampire

Third book that I talk about lately and I’m still not impressed by anything I read these days. It’s not that I do not enjoy them but I feel there is something missing – from the stories or characters – or it’s just my mind playing games and wanting to write its own versions.

Anyway, for me, The Vampire Chronicles are the be-all-end-all of vampire novels. I have my favorites within the series and I find myself comparing every other vampire novel I read to the entire set.

Vampire Armand however is my least favorite of the series. It wasn’t very fun to follow Armand through his struggle with the past and neither in the last chapters when he’s struggling with the image of the veil and the desire to drink Lestat’s blood I did not found that amazing-ness that Anne Rice has put before in her stories.

Though this book contained much more sexuality than the other books from the vampire chronicles, Armand is not likable and it does not have the charisma, power and sexuality that Lestat has. It’s obvious that they are different characters and they carry a different life/vampire story but still … I have expected more.

Hmm, and thinking back to the moment I bought the book I might say I have enjoyed very much the venicean atmosphere around Armand, yup, definitely.

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