Truman Capote – The grass harp

This is my first time reading Truman Capote’s stories and I can swear everything seems so familiar, bizarre and fantastic at the same time. I picked it up because it has an interesting title. Who was ever heard about grass harp? I for sure didn’t.

But the Grass harp is only the first story and for sure not the one that amazed me with its plot and characters.

Master Misery is so unbelievably life changing; one of the best reading experiences I had in awhile. How can one sell its dreams for a couple of bucks, feel empty but still go on with life?, this kept me awake at night wondering and frightened me a bit while thinking how someone else can make use of my dreams  just by knowing or writing them down on pieces of paper and stocking them in drawers like any other items.

Oh well, this is a hell of a book in the most wonderful way possible, you can read it over and over and each time feeling it differently, understanding it better.

I will certainly go and dig for other Capote stories.

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