how simple is that?

A lot of things going on in my life lately got me thinking that I should restart writing my thoughts like I was doing a couple of years ago. Don’t know if it’s the salty fresh air of the Baltic that I still have within me or the ice cold vodka that I just had but I finally regained the feeling that I have something to say.

If I’m writing for myself, to myself or for anyone out there who can come across my pages, that’s not the point.

All I know is that it will not be a journal, that’s a sure thing, only random thoughts – story of my life.

And here I go: I was at work today listening to Poets of the Fall (my new discovery from Finland) while doing some paper work, eating a peach and slowly suffocating when suddenly it crossed my little narrowed mind:  why in the world do I have to complicate things when it’s really quite simple??

I have to find out what makes me happy and who it is that makes me happy and I’m set.

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