The Swedish Cavalier – Leo Perutz

I’m so far behind with my book reviews that I’m thinking so often not to make them anymore. Ah…

This book I’m writing about today I read on the flight from Prague to Bucharest while I was returning from Finland – back in July??

The Swedish Cavalier is written in the style of an old story that can be told from generation to generation – that type of tale which uses folklore myths to explore the human condition. It’s the story of a man who takes another man’s place in a world still rooted in medieval superstitions.

Combing myths, mystery and suspense and even comedy, Leo Perutz succeeds in creating a historical novel with a metaphor on the power of a man to create his own destiny as well as his incapacity to change it, even when he tries, and almost succeeds, to become who he is not.

The main theme is ok with me but overall the book it’s not my type of novel.

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