there’s no guarantee

It’s not certain whether the one you’re with now is the one you’ll be with for the rest of your life. There is no right person, there is no such thing as perfect man or woman. We are the ones who can make love last for a lifetime.

If someone ever asks you “Is he/she the right one?” You should answer: “I’m not sure but I intend to make him/her my only one.”

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4 Responses to there’s no guarantee

  1. August says:

    The picture it’s so true, the rest of it not. Sometimes you have to know when to let go. It saves a bit of your heart just enough to love again.

    • Diana says:

      It’s not about letting go, it’s about knowing that you did your best, fighting and taking punches.
      Nothing is sure, nothing can last if we don’t want it to last.

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