humming rhythm pianos

I used to have a small obsession with feather earrings although I haven’t even tried a pair to see how it looks like. Thank god it passed.

Now I’m into musical notes and pianos. I must be going mad ’cause this time I’m taking actions!!!

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4 Responses to humming rhythm pianos

  1. My sister used to have more than 360 pairs of earrings, enough for a different pair every year. She had a few feather ones, but I think she ditched them after the 1980s. These piano ones are most impressive.

    • Diana says:

      Wow, 360 pairs. I do make earrings myself but did not managed to have so many. I wish I was good at working with polymer clay so I could make some pianos for myself. What tea do you think would go with musical accessories? 😀

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