I made it !

After years of struggles I finally made it: I taught Water how to keep me floating.

Yup, I learned to swim.

It’s so amazing and I still can’t believe I can move my arms and legs with my head up above the water and I don’t go under like a rocklet.

It’s silly and at the same time it makes perfect sense why I didn’t managed to do it ’till now: I can’t wear my glasses in the water and being near-sighted I was always afraid I will not be able to go to the surface if I ever sink. And I say sink ’cause ’till now I felt my butt heavy and dragging me to the depths – injecting silicone to make it float isn’t a good idea.

I have never thought swimming goggles will make me feel safe in order to start my water adventure. But they did.

I’m so proud (of myself) and grateful (to you for trusting me and being patient) right now that I can’t think of nothing else.

So strange how my mind works.




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