Ramtha’s reflections

I have no ideea where to start with so I let you with a short description from the book’s cover:

Ramtha‘s revolutionary understanding of the fabric of reality and how it is intimately interconnected with mind and power of our observation offers us an exciting new way for exploring the mystery of who we really are.

This book will take you on a journey of self-discovery, following Ramtha’s own footsteps and self-reflection on the journey of his life. The main subjects discussed by Ramtha in this book are:

  • A master’s path to enlightenment
  • Consciousness and energy as the fabric of reality
  • The observer in quantum physics
  • The electromagnetic spectrum and consciousness
  • Mind’s impact on our life and body
  • The hidden self and the personality
  • Genetic manipulation and evolution
  • The auric field surrounding the body as layers of frequency
  • The kundalini energy and transmutation
  • The seven seals and centers of consciousness in the body
  • The function of the brain in creating reality.
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