remember this?

The perfect man? A poet on a motorcycle.


And when the Akrapovik sound

Will howl in echoes so unbound

I’ll wish forever to be there

And feel the wind go through my hair

I’ll put the helmet back again

I’ll ride the clouds like Peter Pan

The fierce, though shallow love i host…

I’m joyful in my lonely ghost



And when the time will come

You’ll ride like hell

No looking back, no words, no spell



While you’re 2 wheeled, girl

I must confess

If you look backwards

You’ll be a mess

Me & You:

You take a glimpse into your rear mirrors,

There is no wrong turn down the road,

It’s the acoustics which delights the hearers,

A fire breathing dragon overtakes a toad.



It was an honor of having you inspired

Although I’m feeling ravaged and so tired

I dream of long roads, sunny skies and mountain peaks

This still can shake a smile around my cheeks



There will be roads with pouring rain

There will be roads with heavy snow

Where the road leads you never know

But in the end you’ll reach your goal.

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