8 things to do in Bari and Napoli

Same as in the past years, we booked our flights through Vola and the hotels on Booking and we left. Easy, clean and trustworthy! Destination – Bari, Italy – with a trip to Napoli to visit Pompei.

  1. Best black chocolate dome, lava cake, what ever you call it, that I ever had – at La Corte del Borgo Antico – an Antipasteria Pizzeria located in the historical center of Bari
  2. From the same category of things that I have never had are soups – I’m a soup person and I always look in the menus for them. I know many countries don’t have „a cult for soups” but I try. So in Italy I found only 2 restaurants serving a so called soup. First one is again La Corte del Borgo Antico in Bari where I had some sort of mashed vegetable mix and the second one is in Pompei – Bar Sgambati – where instead of a beans soup I got what we call in Romania „mancare de fasole” – smashed beans with sauce. Both of them very tasty but definitely not soups.
  3. Lungomare din Bari – one of the longest promenades I’ve taken. Very similar to the one in Larnaca, Cyprus. You walk, you jog, you fish, you sunbathe ….20150510_191213
  4. Napoli got us by surprise with its level of cleanness on the streets – NOT! It’s an interesting city, diverse, with a place for everyone, very energetic and alive but definitely not clean. I’m still wondering how they are so calm with the traffic they have.20150511_144414
  5. Pizza is still Italian pizza. We had a quatro formaggi and a prosciutto crudo at Trattoria 7 Soldi in Napoli. Uhmmm, rucola rules on their pizzas!
  6. Fruit and fish market in Napoli. During our morning walk before leaving Napoli we accidentally came across this beautiful market. Fresh fish everywhere (although in restaurants I didn’t got impressed with the fish dishes, these looked amazing), fruits and typical Italian bakery – biscuits, pretzels and bread.20150512_091632
  7. Pompei – ancient buried city of Pompei is a maze of ruins with roads made of big rocks and very well preserved buildings. I’m not very into so much history but visiting is like stepping back in time. A walk in the gardens is a must too – even more when you trespass and get there by mistake, hehe!20150511_165149
  8. You know I’m sending postcards from the places I’m visiting. Nearly 2 weeks now and these from Italy didn’t reach their destination. Only if I could wait for them with a dark chocolate cake a la Borgo on my summer table…


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