Still life with crows – book review

I love the title – and that’s why I bought the book – and for the interesting cover it has in the Romanian version. I read a lot of sci-fi, horror and suspense novels and this one certainly wasn’t one of the scariest.

douglas-preston---natura-moarta-cu-ciori-7835210Agent Pendergast, the protagonist, is taking a small „vacation” to Medicine Creek, Kansas, to investigate a gruesome crime.

Always having a keen nose for finding trouble, Pendergast stands out in the town and gets on the nerves of local police. He’s a real deal! But the context it’s weird and bizarre.

I will not say much about the story because I don’t like to read about what I’m going to get my hands on next and I don’t wanna know the details beforehand. But guess what? There are corn fields from which some people never get out! The overall plot, as a story itself, it’s nice, lots of suspance, chills and surprises; you never know if it’s a man doing the killing or some demon or supernatural force. You can even get scared and you’ll want to know the big finale.

The ending however, it’s something else. I feel it makes you crave for nearly 100 pages before the conclusion is revealed.

Overall, the mystery Preston and Child created was interesting – I only wished for more crows involved in the story  🙂

And by the way, I always wondered: how can two or more people write together a book? They choose chapters, they do common creative thinking and writing, one thinks and the other writes or how?

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