10 things to do in Golden Sands Bulgaria and nearby

Even if I don’t write much about travel, we do travel.

For example, we went for a weekend getaway in nearby Golden Sands Bulgaria. Pretty much every year in the past 4 we went there for a weekend.

Golden Sands is a very well known (for us Romanians) sea destination in Bulgaria and probably the most popular. Cheaper and better than some of our resort on the Black Sea coast, this is a destination for young people with plenty of activities.

1. the beach – all beaches here have sand and are very clean, you can pay for sunbeds and umbrella or you can sit in the classic way with towel on the sand; bartenders from beach bars come on the beach to ask if you want drinks; the water is shallow and you can swim long distance.

 2. infinity pool at International Hotel Casino – I’ve always wanted to enjoy an infinity pool and by mistake we ended this time at  the outdoor Skyfall infinity pool.Very nice place!

IMG_0370 - infinity pool 3. Varna karting track – follow the main road from Golden Sands to Varna city centre, on the road to Vinitsa (you will see the signs). This is the largest in Bulgaria and has 200cc and 270cc karts.

varna karting 4. Muppet Bar is my favorite – one of the hottest night clubs with a wide variety of drinks. You can enjoy karaoke with your friends until 11PM and after join the club’s party.

 5. shopping – all you can think of is here – and it seems like there is a new trend of cat faces on t-shirts.

 6. trips – if you want you can book a trip to the monasteries, do off road, scubadiving (I have to try it someday).

 7. portrait painters and tattoo artists – there are a couple of people which do incredible paintings and some others which have beautiful tattoo saloons. Let me know what you think about them.

 8. Varna’s city center is beautiful – a park, the naval museum, open air exhibitions, some kitty cats having siesta. For a hot summer day is perfect!

 9. Dalboka restaurant – situated in a very nice location (great view of the sea from all tables), in a small bay, 30 minutes away from the Romanian border, in Kaliakra. They have the mussels farm just off shore and all dishes are freshly made. I recommend the mussels soup, rapane and the desert which is, surprize, mussels with caramel. You have to try it!!

dalboka restaurant 10. And if you have tryed it all – then take a bottle of wine, some friends and have your own party in the hotel room!

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