No sorrow

The night has come.

No stars, no moon.

He will be here any time soon.

I’m in my night dress

Drinking wine

Waiting for him to do the crime.

I hear some steps,

A walk that’s slow,

I see some foot prints in the snow.

Two golden eyes

That flash and glow

Are standing still outside my window.

It’s almost midnight.

I’m alone.

I feel the chill down to my bone.

He feels my rush

And slams the door.

I drop my wine glass on the floor.

He takes me out

And holds me tight.

He’s my beloved and humble knight.

Now I feel safe,

I’m not afraid.

It’s time for him to stick the blade.

He holds his breath,

His hands are shaking,

I hear his heart fall down and breaking.

The snow turns red,

He starts to cry.

He does not want to see me die.

But it’s my choice

And he does know

That now I’m free, I have no sorrow.

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