Soft nights

There is always something sexy and alluring about a vampire. Won’t you agree?

Sitting in my bed with an opened window, a cup of hot chocolate and some burning candles on my night table, I’m about to finish for the 3rd time the story of Lestat. I always re-read this during the winter nights; it’s almost like a ritual now.

This proves that this book really holds up to the test of time and that I had not had a silly teenage fancy about it during high school when I first read it.

With Lestat Anne Rice has managed to create a character that draws you in and won’t let go. Maybe you started out hating him, but it wasn’t hard to like him after reading just a few pages.

Lestat is everything you don’t want to admit being. His story is captivating and his mind is the most fascinating I’ve ever seen in literature: he talks about his feelings, his rage and all those incredible experiences.

He is intriguing and charming. He is impetuous and full of himself. He is one of those Faustian characters. His journey through sensuality, spirituality, violence and meaning is absolutely fascinating.

Lestat is mythical, poetic and larger than life. He is all about the experience of being a young man and then being turned into a vampire.

Anne Rice has a particular talent for crafting characters that are fascinating in their psychological acceptance of their un-dead lifestyle, and whose perception of the world around them, as immortals, sheds a fantastically beautiful rendering of our lives as mortals.

This is one of those books that define me; It makes me question myself again and again, each time I read it, if something evil can love, if darkness can be illuminating.

One of my favorite books ever.

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