Castello Sforzesco

Another beautiful place to visit in Milan is the Sforzesco Castle which you will probably notice much more sooner then The Duom if you arrive by train/metro in Cadorna station.

Il Castello Sforzesco, build in 1450, is now best known for the museums held inside his chambers; especially the Pinacoteca, an art collection which includes Michelangelo’s last sculpture, the Rondanini Pieta, Andrea Mantegna’s Trivulzio Madonna, Leonardo da Vinci’s Codex Trivulzianus manuscript and many other sculptures, paintings, tapestries and stained glass. A real treasure inside the castle’s gates.

Inside the gates

Outside the gates

La Pieta Rondanini by Michelangelo

Madonna con Bambino by Campionese

Stained glass in detail

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