The year of the hare – Aarto Paasilinna

The Year of the Hare– a charming book about the man’s desire of escaping the hectic life in the modern world.

Written in the ’70s and yet more relevant now than ever, in the Finnish settings, the book describes a year in the life of Vatanen, a journalist who has been unhappy in his job and relationship and which by accident decides to walk out on his life and start over again. He puts an end to his life in Helsinki leaving the big city for nature and a modest life.

His companion in all kind of adventures is a little hare that, as we discover from the first chapter,  it’s the one waking him up and making him thinking about what kind of life he has and what he always wanted for himself.

 Overall, a charming enough story, making me wish I knew Finnish so I could read it in the author’s own voice.

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