Monster love – Carol Topolski

I was gifted with Monster love”. It may sound odd but it’s only a book title from Carol Topolski that I finished like a month ago but didn’t find the mood to talk about it.

Being transfixed by the story I had to let it aside for a while so I can make up my mind about the subject; and now it almost feels wrong to say that I have enjoyed a book that concentrates on one of the worst crimes possible.

Entering the minds of the two psychopaths and explaining their dysfunctional backgrounds without trying to blame or to take away the blame for their crime, Topolski manages to take also the romantic notion of the “soulmates” to its tragic extremes: Sherilyn and Brendan, a perfect couple, detached from everyone else, a bit distant but more than obviously in love with each other, are creating such a dependency, such a all-consuming obsession for one another that Samantha, the child that they accidentally have, is seen like the only thing setting them apart and stealing their happiness and freedom, meaning she must be out of their lives.

The scenes when Samantha is found at the beginning of the book are horrific and the descriptions of the different character’s reaction  to this are very realistic. I love the way the story is narrated by different people connected to the case and  in between we can find the inside story told by the murderers themselves.

It’s a good book that will make you think about humanity, about the way we can understand love and the ways in which it can go wrong. And when you read the last words you will be still wondering about whether you have read something horrible or something wonderful.

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