You’re in the car with the guy you like and he talks and you smile. He’s fun and entertaining and then that awkward pause comes and you’re still thinking if you should go on with the conversation or say what’s on your mind for some time now. And at the same time you feel like you’ve done something terrible, like you robbed a liquor store or pushed a granny down the stairs if you’re going to say it.

You’re in the car with the guy you like and you’re trying not to tell him what you’re thinking when he reaches over and he touches you. He saved the moment but didn’t saved you from your own thoughts.

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5 Responses to swing

  1. Ra says:

    Oh women….just tell him how you feel, for crying out loud ! And care not about the granny or the liquor :))

    • Diana says:

      You made me laugh so hard :)) I never thought you can be so to the point. Again, it’s not about the feelings … maybe I should have some of that liquor 😀

  2. Ra says:

    With granny? Or with him? 🙂

  3. Diana says:

    With him … and I will keep some for you too. Cheers, ‘mate!

  4. Ra says:

    you’d better keep some, mate! :))

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