my mind = randomness

Does this ever happen to you?

Like, I’ll sit in front of my computer doing important stuff and then all of a sudden I’ll just wonder “Hmm … why Tim Burton is always featuring Johnny Depp in his movies? I have to look into this right now. I’m so sorry important work; something more pressing has come up”.

And then what happens is I’ll be researching one thing and I’ll see something else I want to look into. And from Johnny Depp I get to Danny Elfam that does all the music for Burton’s movies. “Uhm, interesting. Maybe Burton keeps them both locked in his attic. Let’s see how Elfam really sounds like.” And I’ll spend minutes and even hours digging into his songs knowing everything is useless.

I mean, I have never heard of a story like, a mademoiselle gets stopped in a dark alley by a dude with a knife, “I’m gonna rape you tonight … unless you can sing me The Oogie Boogie song from Nightmare before Christmas.” “Of course, “Well well well, what have we here? Sandy Claws, huh? Ooh, I’m really scared! So you’re the one everybody’s talkin’ about, ah-hah-hah-haaa!”

“Dammit, no …! I have to stop putting Danny Elfam trivia into my raping, it’s ruining it”.

 This is so me!

And now back to the serious and important stuff!

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