I love a good funeral. Yes, I said I love it.

At a funeral, more than at a wedding, you’re dealing with people who are actually paying attention.

I remember being at my first funeral some years ago when I was still a child: the preacher singed so beautifully accompanied by an old clerk, people were quiet and holding hands, the candles were gleaming afar off in the slight gloomy church some crackling like firewood sometimes and it seemed like everything had an aura. I was witnessing that passing ritual and I felt like I was dreaming, it wasn’t pain or grief coming from all of those people but warmth, kindness and compassion.

And today I still think funerals are a beautiful thing.

Besides paying tribute to someone dear you get the chance to appreciate more everything that moves and breaths, you become more aware of whom you really are.

And writing about all this it makes me wonder once again: to be cremated or buried?

One thing is for sure though: I want a song to be played at my funeral. Question is which one?

Prodigy: Firestarter – as my coffin disappears into the ground

Metallica: Nothing else matters – couldn’t be much more from the heart

HIM: Don’t feel the reaper – ‘cause I always thought it would have been nice to die in the late 1800.

Chris Rea: Looking for the summer – if it happens on a winter day

Louis Armstrong: What a wonderful world – best played when being covered up

Bon Jovi: Have a nice day – will set a nice mood like alive-ness

I love a good funeral.

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