heart sounds – limited life IV

The absence of music makes me angry.

I miss the words, the drums, the guitar grinds and piano keys – and all the small mistakes that makes a song be special. Music shapes my emotions. I mean, it used to shape mine.

I miss his voice, his laugh and the sound of our lips kissing. The most.

I miss Gris’ meows. The purring and kneading on the couch.

Texting on my cell is great but I want to dial and hit the call button. I miss car horns and bad ringtones. Chu-chu trains waking me up at 6 AM.

I know silence is a beautiful concept. But now there’s nothing. No waves crushing on the beach, no wind banging my windows.

I couldn’t sleep last night. I just couldn’t do it. There was too much calmness. And I kept thinking about the days when my life was unlimited.

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