Reasons to Spend Money on Travels and Experiences

Most people are in the pursuit of happiness. Like I am myself. Like Mau is. And we found some basic form of happiness in traveling.
We travel a lot compared with other young couples around us. And we wish to travel even more. I don’t think we will ever be digital nomads, to sell everything and go out into the world and blog about it.
At the end of our days I just want us to recall all the golden memories we shared and which shaped who we’ve become.
I like stories and I want to be the lady that has lots of them to talk about without repeating herself 🙂

If we are truly looking to live a more fulfilling life, we have to experience new things rather than buying them.
I’ve seen people that found a way to distance themselves from spending on unnecessary and material items and focus more towards travel, nature, experiences that nurture the soul.

So in this society that tells us to go out and buy, I tell you to go out and live.

1. Experiences are meaningful.
You see, you feel, you taste a bit of freedom, you live a moment that will stay with you for the days and years to come. Of course you pay for your vacations, getaway or trip. The difference is that those are worth it, they connect us with other people, meanwhile an object becomes meaningless after a time.
2. Things don’t make you happy long term.
It’s nice to have the comfort of your house and the latest technology but don’t exaggerate. Don’t buy something just because it’s the latest trend, it’s new or has one or two improvements than your version. I do tend to get emotional with things (I’m a cancer, for god’s sake) although I’ve realized I have way too much stuff. And that doesn’t make me happy. I don’t have a rich life because I have my house full of things.
3. Most of the times it’s all about nature.
The planning, the cost, the lugage, the road till destination, all fades in the face of a beautiful scenery, a breeze of fresh air, a change of sight. Take a look around you and observe. You don’t have a busy life, you just need a change of perspective.
4. Money can be taken care of.
It seems like all of us are saving up enough money – mostly to used it after retirement. It’s up to you what to do with your savings – leave all of it in a bank account or under the mattress or go and live a little. There are always money for traveling and if that makes you happy, go out and experience.

We all want to make our life as easy as possible. Let’s start with a road map.

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