Birthday gift guide for the man you love

While it might seem tricky to shop for the man you love and some even find it impossible after some years have passed by, for Mau my creativity goes way up high in terms of birthday and name day gifts.

So today, to help you get pass the ordinary gifts (socks, shirts, pants, watches, etc) I will share what I have gifted in the past 4 years.

My idea of gifts for him goes like this:
one part activity (life is about memories and experiencing things, remember?)
one part small useful object to remain with

My gifts went like this:

  • Hand made sterling silver and leather bracelet – rocker cuff, i call it – custom made by a local Romanian artist. I chose the symbols and he artistically interpreted them in sterling silver.
  • Hand made painted t-shirt *yamaha dragstar– another Romanian artist.
  • Hand-glider tour of a beautiful region in Comana.
  • A set of containers for spices (Mau loves them) which can be displayed nicely on the kitchen counter.
  • 30 customs cupcakes – ordered at a local pastry – together with a cake.
  • Cartoon painting – based on what I told to the drawer she made the whole composition.
  • Sky diving – yup, he had to jump out of a plane at my request. Kidding here. We went to TNT Brothers and he had his first 4000 meters jump in tandem last year. And guess what? This year was my turn to jump.
  • Magnetic puzzle from a photo – this is always great for a small surprise.
  • Pilot for a day – another great gift was going to a local airfield and spend the day learning about air crafts, operating them and then taking one motor-hand-glider and fly it under supervision.
  • Balloons – helium balloons are great – you can order a nice bouchet and, at the end of the day, enjoy a good laugh while inhaling some helium.
  • A leather wallet – when it was needed.

    Yup, a lot of flying, airy gifts. Smile on his face, big green eyes. Seeing him surprised and excited – priceless.

And remember: If you have no idea what to gift someone, it’s best to take them out to lunch/dinner (if you afford it, go on a city break or organize a trip for you two) or go shopping together to pick something up.

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