my skydiving experience

I’m not a risk taker, by traditional standards I’ve never experienced anything dangerous (ok, maybe until I got on the motorcycle as a pillion for the first time) – I’m just a truly believer that nothing is impossible and you can do anything.

The sky diving experience was a surprise and everything took place very fast. Now I kinda know why people say that skydivers are adrenaline junkies – it’s about that feeling of maximum liberty that one can experience.

 I did my jump at TNT Brothers and I went tandem – it means I was connected to a professional that opened the parachute and did the guiding to the ground. Piece of cake!!

After being amazed by the view at 10.000 feet up in the air in something small and that is not a commercial airplane, a more interesting thing happens. When reaching the right altitude the pilot turns off the engine and puts the plane in a steady position.

And that’s the moment when the plane door opens and you get a feel of the cold air rushing in. You don’t even get to think you’re going to jump when you already are hanging outside of the plane.

IMG_8083IMG_8167IMG_8208 The fall is the easy part – there is no turning back. You get the feeling of falling for a brief moment and then you just enjoy the free-fall and the silence. It’s so much silence and at some point the feeling that you don’t move anymore. After the chute opens it’s beautiful too.

 I wish I did this more sooner. It’s fun, frightening and life changing.

If you never considered sky diving, think again. You might find yourself coming back for more.

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