Angelology – book review

Last week I finally managed to finish Angelology by Danielle Trussoni – a book that I bought, again, because of it’s fabulous cover. Who does this covers? I wanna know.

angelologiaThe story follows the classical good versus evil, man versus fallen angels, different mythologies combined in order to give you the feeling that something big is going on in this world without you knowing.

The concept of Nephilim – a hybrid between man and angel – for me, is beautiful. A creature with the strength and beauty of a angel and a bit of more welfare and malice than anyone human, it’s breathtaking.

Going back to the story – the heroine is a nun – sister Evangeline,leading a quiet life in a convent in New York receives a letter from Verlaine asking for access to the convent’s archives and from here starts a chain of events connected to the secret society of Angelologists and the humans enemies, the fallen angels, in the quest of finding the Lyre.

For myself, the book has a bit too much of descriptive paragraphs. I would have loved to see more action for some chapters.

Overall it was a good book that opened my appetite for the seductive Nephilims.

Also, I saw a bunch of books lately with angels as main storyline. Are they the new vampires?

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