How to save money for travel – Create it!

Looking on how to save up money for traveling I found so many articles revealing “the secrets of saving”.

And let me tell you – it’s all the same and it requires for us to give up on every little pleasure of life in order to get some more pennies. Give up on cakes, on cigarettes, on drinks, on going out with friends – on everything that gives joy in the present moment so you could enjoy the future – which may or may not be happening.

I have a simple life and I’ve got a pretty balanced life style. If it were to give up on something, I don’t think I would have from where to choose.

I do agree on making a plan (creating a budget) and spending less – on clothes, on processed foods, bottled water, services that are not really needed (magazine memberships, cable, etc).

Selling stuff that I don’t need it’s great too – less stuff, more happiness. I already did my list – mainly books, jewelry and some clothes.

piggyBut to cut out on small life pleasures having in mind that someday (sooner or later) I will be doing X or Y? No way.

So if saving up money for a dream trip doesn’t really sound appealing to you too, try to create that money.

If you already work a lot, it can be tricky and I suggest you don’t do it.

But if you have the energy and the willingness try a side job. It can be from your hobbies (hand-made artsy crafty things), your free time, your skills and qualities.

Start small and go big. Dreams worth it.

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