Packing smart and traveling light

I remember being a child and going on vacation with my parents. They used to take me everywhere. Together with some big suitcases where I could fit in – it was like packing up our lives to move elsewhere for several days up to a week.
In my first years of traveling I did the same – packed all the possible clothes and shoes, moisturizers and body lotions – all together in no particular order in a big wheeled luggage. What if something happened and I really needed something? I had to be prepared.
And so I did. Until I had to pack for a week in Italy. A small carry-on bag to take on the plane (56x45x25 cm) which is more or less like a school backpack. Can you imagine?
That’s when I learned:
I have to plan outfits in advance. Usually 2 pairs of pants and a skirt which can go with several t-shirts (up to 6) and one pair of extra shoes, goes fine for me. Whatever you choose, remember to always pack your swimming suit.
I have to roll my clothes. Yes, rolling your clothes not folding them saves up space and prevents wrinkles. Putting them in a zip bag and taking the air out – even better.
Toiletries have to be small – travel size.
Band aids and some pills (for headaches, colds, etc) fit in my wallet.
Usual electronics: photo camera, phone and chargers.
– I can buy my book at destination.
Everything will fit in a small carryon bag.

And you know what’s best?
– You are free and flexible on the road
No more waiting in line for baggage checking and reclaim or fear of losing something.
Lavender Gri fits comfortably in the same carry-on and I have a happy Mau and a light travel.
Once you do this, you’ll never make the mistake of over packing.

And then again, less stuff is happiness 😉

My luggage in Germany.


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1 Response to Packing smart and traveling light

  1. Barbara Gill says:

    Nice post! I totally share your opinion and I try to pack as light as possible! There is nothing better than to feel free during your trip.

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