Scratch Off World Map for the Traveler in You

In the last 2 years I’ve been looking for the perfect map to put on one of Mau’s walls.
I thought about buying a classical one, then moved to actually print out on shinny paper a big world map and stick it to a wooden panel so we could use pins to denote the countries and maybe the cities where we’ve been too. It wasn’t very nice!

When I came across the notion of scratch off map – I was excited. This type of map comes alive on the wall revealing a whole new world below, featuring color and geographical details.


Each region has its own colors, making it quite visual if you’ve been all around the world.

I got mine on etsy, from Korea. The poster arrived in a sturdy cardboard tube designed to protect it. Inside, there was a thin sheet of paper over the top of the map to keep the gold tin foil from accidentally getting scratched. The poster material itself has a nice shiny feel. It measures 60 cm by 96 cm, which is a good size for such a beautiful map but a bad size in terms of find a frame.

The biggest issue we had was figuring out how to scratch the countries we traveled too. I mean, if we’ve only been in a single city, do we scratch off all the country so that the map will look better? What do we do with the countries we visited by ourselves?


In the end we managed it very well. This map is the perfect way to show where you’ve been traveling while spicing up your place.

One thing though, when you finish scratching where you’ve been, you’ll realize you’ve gone nowhere at all.

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