What motorcycles do in the winter?

This past weekend we had, I think, our last bike ride for this year. We prepared and still it was damn cold riding to the mountains, 5-10 degrees Celsius and wind. But it was beautiful as always.
And then Mau asked: What motorcycles do in the winter?

Well, that was a tough question for someone like me who doesn’t think about the technical stuff and, at the same time, it’s a good exercise for my creative mind. Not all bikers are riding during the winter. Some just store their bikes in the garage, protected by a thick layer of grease and a nice blanket.
So, what do some of the bikes do when all cuddled up in a corner?
Some may be dreaming about the winter road they never walked on, some may be thinking they are on a very well deserved vacation while others (ours) will definitely plan in secret the destinations for the next season.


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