Decluttering my life

I haven’t “said” anything in a while now. Didn’t feel like I have something to say, neither the inspiration to put something in written. I was busy with work, with getting in shape and exercise more, reading a lot (I started this year in a full reading mode) and, believe it or not, I do some sort of cooking (I’m becoming an expert on salads and greens to have for lunch).

What else did I do?
By mistake, I watched several youtube videos, and by several I mean a lot of them, and also read some books like The Happiness Project and L’art de la simplicite, about minimalist life style and how to ease your life by reducing the number of items you own.
I don’t have a rich life because I have my house full of things – I do believe experiences are the most valuable items we can buy for us and for our loved ones.
It’s ok to have, for example, a memory box with concert tickets, small tokens, a dried flower and other small things to make you remember certain events and important moments of your life, or magnets on your fridge, or some postcards from places you visit.
However, to keep your closet full of things you never wear, don’t fit or are in a bad shape, it’s not the case. Same for shoes, jewelry, cosmetics, toys, books, electronics, etc. Why keep’em if never use them?

So, I donated some of my clothes, got rid of old cosmetics, sold some jewelry, sold some books I don’t use or I don’t like and moved on without purchasing anything in return.

And I felt so damn good.
More space, less dust.

I cleared every space I got the chance to: the house, my desk at the office, my drawers in my parents’ house, my boyfriend’s things in the house and in the car.

And I want to keep doing it. You want help with decluttering your life? I can offer some tips.
First off, you have to be courageous and accept a change.

Start small but start.

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