Do you believe in karma?

I often ask myself in what I believe. What’s there for me?

I do have a general issue with religion and I find Buddhism, and moreover the notion of karma, as being more and more a believe that suits my values.

Basically, karma is a sort of cosmic system invented by the Buddhists to determine who gets upgraded when the next game of life starts again (reincarnation).

Karma is the way in which the kinds of seeds we sow in our lives tend to create similar results. It’s like a return of your investment: you invest in your life, your commitments, and your relationships and then karma rewards you; you cheat, you lie, you steal, karma gets back at you.

Surely, there is a very long debate about the interpretation of karma and you can go ahead and search for it.

My believe is that karma is the universe balancing all aspects of live. There’s nothing related to fate or reward and punishment for being a good human or a bad one. Good men have terrible fates and terrible people can be successful, it’s a fact.

I see karma like a guide to wholesome and harmonious way of life. If we understand that our actions influence the quality of our lives (cause-effect) we can make a shift in the way we do things. Karma doesn’t punish – it sets an example, it teaches you about life. Often we learn it the hard way by enduring the same type of suffering that we did to others. History repeats itself until we learn to change our paths.

Each step you make leads to the next one and the next one …. Past, present and future are connected. Whatever we put out in the universe it will come back to us in some way.

Be happy, at peace and in love … and you will find happiness, peace and love.

“When a bird is alive, it eats ants. When the bird is dead, the ants eat the birds. Time and circumstances can change at any time. You may be powerful today but remember: Time is more powerful than you!”
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