Finnish rock bands always rock my world

I’m very passionate about the north European countries, mostly the land of a thousand lakes, Finland.

I find it invigorating going outside when the temperature is -20c (which kind of happens also in my country) but sometimes I think that the snow, the ice and the cold climate won’t do for me because I like to be warm and wear easy clothes. And then if I think again, I have sauna and vodka to help me go through the cold days.

Anyway, one of the best things around there besides that fact that you can see the sun at midnight in the long summer days and then you can see only the dark sky for the whole winter days, are the finnish men. I do not know what they have that I find so attractive and intriguing but I love every single one of them. Maybe it’s the charisma or they are just kind, relaxed and funny people.

One thing I know for sure: they make so damn good lyrics and music. Finnish rock bands always rocked my world.

heartagramFrom the amazing Him which offers me inspiration and shows me the dark darkside of love each time I’m having bad days to Nightwish which keeps me on dreaming of fairy tales, warriors and queens, from The Rasmus which kept my heart broken for a while to The 69 Eyes where my gothic side felt understood, passing by Apocalyptica, Sonata Arctica and Poets of the Fall, I have just discovered the End of You.

This time I’m not so into the lyrics but into the melodic lines. Rome (reminds me of London After Midnight’s Kiss), Paper trails and Upside down are wonderful pieces suiting my soul for now.

What finnish band do you like best?

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