made of sand

Do you dream of impossible things, of a free life, of wilderness and no restraints?

Our lives are not as limited as we think and love does work and there are no impossible things.

If only we would have the guts to do something about it and grow smaller egos.

Life is happy and fulfilling and temporary.

Just like a mandala – made of sand.


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you’re a summer time hottie

let's be adventurous

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helium and up up

Happy birthday, mister Mau, my suffering succotash!

And as the giftbox says: “Thanks for you!” 😀


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Still life with crows – book review

I love the title – and that’s why I bought the book – and for the interesting cover it has in the Romanian version. I read a lot of sci-fi, horror and suspense novels and this one certainly wasn’t one of the scariest.

douglas-preston---natura-moarta-cu-ciori-7835210Agent Pendergast, the protagonist, is taking a small „vacation” to Medicine Creek, Kansas, to investigate a gruesome crime.

Always having a keen nose for finding trouble, Pendergast stands out in the town and gets on the nerves of local police. He’s a real deal! But the context it’s weird and bizarre.

I will not say much about the story because I don’t like to read about what I’m going to get my hands on next and I don’t wanna know the details beforehand. But guess what? There are corn fields from which some people never get out! The overall plot, as a story itself, it’s nice, lots of suspance, chills and surprises; you never know if it’s a man doing the killing or some demon or supernatural force. You can even get scared and you’ll want to know the big finale.

The ending however, it’s something else. I feel it makes you crave for nearly 100 pages before the conclusion is revealed.

Overall, the mystery Preston and Child created was interesting – I only wished for more crows involved in the story  🙂

And by the way, I always wondered: how can two or more people write together a book? They choose chapters, they do common creative thinking and writing, one thinks and the other writes or how?

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Am stofa de sociolog? / Do I have what it takes as a sociologist ?

Nu ma astept ca sociologii sa cucereasca lumea prea curand insa n-ar fi rau sa fim in numar cat mai mare.
Asa ca azi adresez intrebarea: Ce este un sociolog? O diploma? Un titlu? O persoana? O profesie?

A fi sociolog nu se rezuma la atat. Un sociolog este o persoana care gandeste si actioneaza ca un sociolog. Foarte clar, nu?
Dar cum stiu daca am stofa de sociolog? Ei bine … ai mari sanse sa fii unul daca raspunzi afirmativ la intrebarile de mai jos.

– Sunt curios in privinta lumii
– Sunt fascinat de tot ce inseamna social si societate
– Vreau sa stiu de ce oamenii fac ceea ce fac
– Cred ca societatea este o inventie umana si vreau sa stiu cine, cum si cand a inventat-o
– Ma intreb cine are puterea de a crea normele sociale, regulile si legile
– Refuz sa accept ordinea sociala ca fiind naturala si inerenta
– Imi place sa contest presupunerile
– Pun intrebari si apoi pun si mai multe intrebari
– Nu raman impasibil atunci cand se intampla ceva
– Ascult povestile pe care le spun oamenii
– Colectez si ma bazez pe date in argumentele mele
– Sunt constient ca valorile, credintele si actiunile mele sunt un rezultat al pozitiei mele sociale
– Vreau sa inteleg realitatea din perspectiva altora
– Imi place sa vad imaginea de ansamblu
– Vreau sa transform cunostintele in actiuni
– Vreau sa inteleg sistemele sociale inainte de a incepe lucrul
– Citesc carti de sociologie 🙂

Deci, esti un sociolog?
Ai gasit lucruri care sa te reprezinte? Stiu ca exista multe alte intrebari care ar putea fi puse asa ca le poti adauga.
O sa fii un sociolog pe cinste.

English version

I don’t expect sociologists will take over the world anytime soon but it wouldn’t hurt if there were more of us out there.
So today I’m asking: What is a sociologist? A degree? A title? A person? A job?

Being a sociologist is nothing like that. A sociologist is someone who thinks and acts like one. Very clear, right? But how do I know if I am a sociologist? Well …. you have high chances to be one by starting answering the questions below.

– I am curious about the world
– I am fascinated by all social things
– I want to know why people do the things they do
– I believe that society is a human invention and I want to know who, how and why invented it
– I questions who has the power to create social norms, rules and regulations
– I refuse to accept the social order as natural, inherent
– I love being able to challenge assumptions
– I ask questions and then I ask more
– I do not stay silent when something happens
– I listen to the stories people have to say
– I collect and rely on data to support my arguments
– I’m aware that my values, beliefs and actions are based on my social position
– I want to understand reality from the perspective of others
– I like to see the bigger picture
– I want to transform knowledge into action
– I want to understand the society’s systems before going into work
– I read sociology books

So, are you a sociologist?
Did you find any things you can relate to? I know many other things are missing from the list so feel free to add your own.
You’re going to be a fine sociologist.

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make me a home

A home can be built from just one of our secret looks.

From love made in the moonlight.

But you, you are my home.


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8 things to do in Bari and Napoli

Same as in the past years, we booked our flights through Vola and the hotels on Booking and we left. Easy, clean and trustworthy! Destination – Bari, Italy – with a trip to Napoli to visit Pompei.

  1. Best black chocolate dome, lava cake, what ever you call it, that I ever had – at La Corte del Borgo Antico – an Antipasteria Pizzeria located in the historical center of Bari
  2. From the same category of things that I have never had are soups – I’m a soup person and I always look in the menus for them. I know many countries don’t have „a cult for soups” but I try. So in Italy I found only 2 restaurants serving a so called soup. First one is again La Corte del Borgo Antico in Bari where I had some sort of mashed vegetable mix and the second one is in Pompei – Bar Sgambati – where instead of a beans soup I got what we call in Romania „mancare de fasole” – smashed beans with sauce. Both of them very tasty but definitely not soups.
  3. Lungomare din Bari – one of the longest promenades I’ve taken. Very similar to the one in Larnaca, Cyprus. You walk, you jog, you fish, you sunbathe ….20150510_191213
  4. Napoli got us by surprise with its level of cleanness on the streets – NOT! It’s an interesting city, diverse, with a place for everyone, very energetic and alive but definitely not clean. I’m still wondering how they are so calm with the traffic they have.20150511_144414
  5. Pizza is still Italian pizza. We had a quatro formaggi and a prosciutto crudo at Trattoria 7 Soldi in Napoli. Uhmmm, rucola rules on their pizzas!
  6. Fruit and fish market in Napoli. During our morning walk before leaving Napoli we accidentally came across this beautiful market. Fresh fish everywhere (although in restaurants I didn’t got impressed with the fish dishes, these looked amazing), fruits and typical Italian bakery – biscuits, pretzels and bread.20150512_091632
  7. Pompei – ancient buried city of Pompei is a maze of ruins with roads made of big rocks and very well preserved buildings. I’m not very into so much history but visiting is like stepping back in time. A walk in the gardens is a must too – even more when you trespass and get there by mistake, hehe!20150511_165149
  8. You know I’m sending postcards from the places I’m visiting. Nearly 2 weeks now and these from Italy didn’t reach their destination. Only if I could wait for them with a dark chocolate cake a la Borgo on my summer table…


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Trips and Gri’s anniversary

I thought these days it will be nice to write more about trips and vacations – ” cause we (me, Mau and Gri) do travel a lot around our area and outside the country.

But I find it hard to talk about places – everybody can do a search and find out history, geographics or accommodation. I myself am not interested in these kind of things.

That’s why I think a Top 5 to 10 things that impressed us or got us by surprise or it’s a must are going to be my focus for the traveling part. And of course, you will enjoy Lavender Gri and his poses

a 2a aniversare

And speaking about the traveling cat that doesn’t breath – he’s now 2 years old and has many many travel plans and dreams!

We just got back from visiting some parts of Italy and Germany!

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10 Things we loved in Cyprus

We are preparing for new travels and so I want to close the Cyprus chapter with a top 10 things we loved there.

Here we go:

  • the border between North and South Cyprus that runs right through the heart of the old walled city of Nicosia
  • the bazaar in Turkish Nicosia – real turkish bazaar with great spices, sweets and clothes
  • very nice public restrooms all over the cities: Nicosia, Larnaca and Limasol
  • cats everywhere – no other island where I’ve been had so many and so diverse miaunitas – check the dedicated page Cats around the world
  • the biggest and double rainbow I have ever seen (yeah, what does it mean?! Right? )
  • cheap Heineken beer on the beach and free sunbeds in Larnaca just near the Central Station Finikoudes – maybe being extra season in march?
  • Good food and atmosphere at Alexander Restaurant down on Athenon street
  • Lemons from peoples gardens are sweeter and the skin looks great and oily vs lemons we can find on the market
  • Walking and walking and walking nearly 20km in Limassol – oh, the new Limassol Marina is to die for !
  • 2 and ½ days are not enough for this island – we decided this is a destination to go back too
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awfully sentimental

I remember us beautiful and exhausted. We loved.

We loved to travel.

I remember us both hands full of life. We rocked.

We rocked rock’n’roll.

I remember us being us.

We still are.

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Jean Marie Blas de Robles – Midnight Mountain – book review

I haven’t wrote any reviews in awhile. I didn’t read that much as I used to. Or to put it this way, nothing moved me that much to write about it although I know it’s important to let the world know about what’s not that fancy after all.

So today I’m getting back on track with The Midnight Mountain by Jean Marie Blas de Robles. He may be famous for „Where tigers are at home” – I didn’t read it – but this other books – not my taste.


I bought it because it was supposed to talk about Tibet, Shambala, Buddhism, and things related to that way of life, happiness and finding yourself. It’s true – the main character Bastien is on a personal voyage and tries to accomplish his dream. But for me something in the way it is written is missing.

I learned about what an extraordinary man he is, how he works as a janitor at a Jesuit lyceum and how his passion about the Lamaism and spirituality transformed his way of life.

I do understand too the contribution and the importance of meeting the right people at the right time and that maybe in this little life nothing is coincidence, only necessary encounters. However, I feel this story is more about redemption and guilt, freeing your soul from something you feel responsible for but you’re not.

Anyways, I think you can enjoy this if you like twisted and with a bit of history kind of stories.

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